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GIMP 2.6 nears

By at 2008-07-07 18:17:01 UTC, last updated about 14 years ago. CC BY-NC License

The next stable release of GIMP nears. Version 2.6 is in the final stages of development and the developers prepare for a pre release version soon!

As we’ve read on an official mailing list the devs are getting close to GIMP 2.6. Sven wrote that it is not yet clear if the final version will have the new text tool included, but we all hope so. Otherwise – if the text tool does not get enough improvements – we will get the text tool which already was in 2.4.

However GEGL will be implemented but it will be hidden from the users as much as possible. Also, the improvements to the User Interface (GUI) are almost done, only minor changes will be applied in the next days and weeks. We all appreciate a first release of GIMP 2.6 in July!

More details, with screenshots etc here:
Preview: What’s in GIMP 2.6?


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about 14 years ago

great news!, can't wait.

about 14 years ago

this is great news... will update on your news. thanks..