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Libre Graphics Meeting 2008: Videos online!

By at 2008-05-26 20:58:39 UTC, last updated about 14 years ago. CC BY-NC License

About 2 weeks ago the Libre Graphics Meeting 2008 took place in Wroc?aw, Poland. It was a very interesting 4 day show. Even 3 of the GSoC students had the chance to attend the show this year! (Thanks to Micheal Schumacher for dropping us a line on this)

Lots of Videos from the LGM are now online for your viewing pleasure. Most of it is really interesting stuff (Hugin, Krita, and much much more)! Take a look at the videos here:

There are also 2 Videos concerning GIMP. One of them is a lecture of Peter Sikking (he is [i]the[/i] man that’s working on the redesign of the GIMP UI). He is talking about the redesign of GIMP, the current version and the aims for GIMP. Very recommended if your interested in UI stuff!

The second video was held by Øyvind Kolås, he is a developer of GEGL. He was talking about GEGL, GEGLBuffer and its functionality. Also very interesting but a little ‘harder’ stuff to understand. Nevertheless he was talking very clearly about this stuff ;)

These two and all other videos are in Engisch!

UI video (video stream): GIMP: a new simple interface for a complex application
GEGL video (video stream): Extending GEGL with new operations and an introduction to GeglBuffers, the functionality offered by them and their underlying mechanisms.
Link → All videos of the LGM08 in Wroc?aw
And last but not least here you will find the program of the LGM 2008 (video links included)!

Have a good watch! :)


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about 14 years ago

very nice videos! big thanks to the filmer at the lgm