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We have a new portal front!

By at 2008-04-03 01:04:45 UTC, last updated about 14 years ago. CC BY-NC License

As some of you may have already noticed we got a new entry site for! The new front page is completely redesigned and is now more like a portal into the GIMP universe!

The reason why we did this redesign is that the big information block on top of the site was rather unusable because it was less space for so much information it contained. We now created a channel-like-design on our front which shows the messages seperated by site. The blue channels are information channels – the gray ones are news entries and messages from other important sites in the gimp universe. We hope you enjoy this new layout!

If we missed something or if you have some recommended sites that should be listet here let us know and write us an email →! For now we’ve these channels listed for you:

  • the developer mailing list
  • most important video podcasts blog @ “”
  • resources and tutorials
  • gimp university blog
  • misc mailing lists
  • all gimp bugs
  • site of gimp developer sven neumann
  • gimp user interface brainstorm

A left click on each title on the front page opens a preview, a middle click (at least in Firefox and IE7) opens the link directly in a new tab.


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redforce member for almost 16 years redforce 230 comments
about 14 years ago

Update: You don't need to click anymore to show the preview, just move the mouse cursor over an article.

over 14 years ago

I really love the new design! it is unique, never saw a similar site. it just rocks!

over 14 years ago

it seems confusing and cluttered at first but when you get use to it great!

good job.

over 14 years ago

Great improvements! More power on the GIMPUSERS dev...

over 14 years ago

Cool job!!