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New Bugfix-Release: GIMP 2.4.4. available

By at 2008-01-30 22:14:59 UTC, last updated about 15 years ago. CC BY-NC License

As Sven Neumann just announced in the official mailing lists, there is a new Bugfix-Release in the GIMP 2.4 series. Gimp 2.4.4. is even more stable and has lots of bugfixes and cleanup included. So update now!

The list of changes are:

- fixed typo in stock icon name
- fixed handling of PSD files with empty layer names (bug #504149)
- merged TinyScheme bug-fixes
- removed duplicate entry from Tango palette
- corrected parameter range in Chip Away script (bug #506110)
- reduced redraw priority and speed of the marching ants (bug #479875)
- fixed out-of-bounds array access in Convolution Matrix plug-in
- reduced rounding errors in Convolution Matrix plug-in (bug #508114)
- fixed potential crash on missing CMYK color profile
- fixed crash in Bumpmap plug-in when called from scripts (bug #509608)
- Equalize should not equalise the alpha channel (bug #510210)
- increased number of points handled by ImageMap plug-in (bug #511072)
- adjusted the priority of the projection renderer (bug #511214)
- smooth the brush mask to get a simpler cursor boundary (bug #304798)
- show the selection even if the image window is invisible (bug #505758)
- allow to commit a pending selection using Enter (bug #511599)
- fixed bug in image dirty state logic (bug #509822)
- improved GIMPressionist preformance and startup time (bug #512126)
- fixed a crash in the Convert to Color Profile plug-in (bug #512529)
- merged some other minor fixes from trunk
- translation updates (de, it, lt, ru, sv, uk)

Thanks to Sven Neumann, Michael Natterer, Kevin Cozens, Hans Breuer,
Bill Skaggs, Ulf-D. Ehlert and Martin Nordholts. They have worked on this new release!

We’ve updated our downloads page, which now offers a direct link to the new version (sourcecode). Binary versions for (i.e.) Windows users are about to follow in the next days/weeks. We’ll keep you informed on that!

Have fun with this new, even more stable, release of GIMP 2.4 ;)


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Paulo Neto
about 15 years ago

Hi, exist a problem BUG in minimize a click in button in taskbar of GIMP. He minimizes and opens instantly. I use the Ultimate Vista of 64 bits. Like previous versions worked correctly. How to correct this problem?

photocomix member for over 16 years photocomix 25 comments
about 15 years ago

Sorry 2 link is

photocomix member for over 16 years photocomix 25 comments
about 15 years ago

a windows installer compiled by jamesH is available here

Same installer,is contained here,
with some extra animation scripts
(extra scrips are in a separate folder, installer is same and install the standard GAP 2.4