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GIMP GAP 2.4 on the way

By at 2008-01-16 08:05:04 UTC, last updated about 15 years ago. CC BY-NC License

As we’ve read in the official mailing lists, the animation package for GIMP will be released next week. The package depends on Gap 2.2 but contains official bug fixes and its dependencies have been updated for GIMP 2.4. So it’s definately worth an upgrade.

We’ve had a news about a user compiled version of GAP for Gimp 2.4. If you installed it, we recommend to uninstall this version and stick with the official one when it is released somewhen next week.

We’ll keep you up-to-date on this. However, if you want to compile the current branch yourself you can do so and help fixing last bugs. Have a look here:


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photocomix member for over 16 years photocomix 25 comments
about 15 years ago

If you refer to this "user compiled version" for windows
that is exactly the same build
from your download link.

Is Gimp 2.2.2 that is much more compatible with gimp 2.4 then the Gap 2.2.o

I'm happy to see a new Gap version
even more compatible with gimp 2.4

Hopefully will be made available also
a windows version soon, and not never has happened for gap 2.2.1 and gap 2.2.2

If you don't know how to compile gap on windows before unistall i will advice to check the availability not only of source code but also of a windows installer...