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Bugfix-Release: GIMP 2.4.3 available

By at 2007-12-17 15:11:47 UTC, last updated about 15 years ago. CC BY-NC License

Today the GIMP developement team released a new stable version of GIMP. Version 2.4.3 brings many bug fixes.

Directly from the news:

Changes in GIMP 2.4.3

- avoid filename encoding problems in the WMF import plug-in (bug #499329)
- fixed horizontal flipping of linked layers (bug #499161)
- raised the priority of the display idle renderer to improve performance
on Win32 (bug #499150)
- fixed a missing update in the Lighting plug-in UI (bug #500317)
- fixed a potential crash in the projection code (bug #500178)
- fixed a minor Makefile issue (bug #500826)
- removed some pointless warnings from the JPEG and TIFF load plug-ins
- fixed size calculation for the image size warning dialog (bug #329468)
- fixed loading of tool options for the rectangle tools (bug #498948)
- push/pop a context in the Fog filter
- fixed potential crashes in the Python binding
- corrected grid drawing with non-integer spacing (bug #502374)
- fixed grid snapping for coordinates less than the grid offset
- made the healing brush work properly when dragged (bug #492575)
- update tool state when a device change happens (bug #493176)
- improved validation of strings sent over the wire (bug #498207)
- fixed integer check in Script-Fu (bug #498207)
- fixed potential out-of-memory problem in Script-Fu
- fixed compilation on msys/mingw (bug #503124)
- fixed localisation of Python plug-ins on Win32 (bug #502506)
- translation updates (ca, cs, de, gl, it, ko, lt, sv, uk)

You can find the direct link to the latest stable tarball in our downloads page.


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xtudiux member for almost 16 years xtudiux 19 comments
about 15 years ago wingimp 2.4.3...

will...still be waiting....Mr. Jernej neeeds some break...I can still live with wingimp 2.4.2...

stuartnz member for about 15 years stuartnz 1 comment
about 15 years ago

It's now January 06, and still no sign of the Windows binaries for 2.4.3?

noho ora mai

devvv member for over 16 years devvv 1475 comments
about 15 years ago

I don't know yet - I'm visiting SF on a daily basis - when the new version is available I'll be posting a news! Seems Jernej (the guy that usually does the windows compilation) is on vacation maybe ;-)

cscj01 member for over 15 years cscj01 1 comment
about 15 years ago

Does anyone know when the Windows binaries will be available for 2.4.3? I have not seen any indication as to what the issue might be as to them not being released. Soon, I hope.