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Translation help needed!

By at 2007-12-07 22:15:24 UTC, last updated about 16 years ago. CC BY-NC License needs your help! We launched the site months ago and still need to translate many cool tutorials and how-tos of our German site

So if you speak a little German please help us: We don’t have the time to get all the content synchronised and translated.

At the moment our German site contains 67 tutorials, the international English site ( does only have 32 – that’s less than a half!

The only thing you would need to do is to pick a tutorial of the German site, translate the text to English and send it to us ( You don’t need to make any pictures or screenshots! Of course your name will be mentioned!

Thanks in advance.


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about 16 years ago

hello every body
i realy want to see this site in arabic i have written and translated a lot of tutorials for the Gimp
and i can translate any tutorial to arabic
this is my blog about the gimp