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GIMP User Manual 2.4.0 released

By at 2007-11-30 13:43:19 UTC, last updated over 12 years ago. CC BY-NC License

The GIMP documentation team just announced that they released the new version of the gimp user manual. Version 2.4.0 is now ready for download and comes with these improvements:

  • documentation for GIMP 2.4
  • new translations (incl. spelling and grammar fixes) for German, English, French, Russian, Norwegian, Italian, Spanish and lots of bugfixes
  • an alternate Stylesheet for HTML

You can download gimp-help-2.4.0 from:

See the official announcement here:


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Madison rated this topic with 5/5
over 12 years ago

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over 13 years ago

I downloaded latest help file can not use it from within gimp

over 13 years ago

hey like the site noob on gimp so be gentle

Steve Nako
about 15 years ago

I just started to use GIMP (which i find to be rather interesting and appears to have a lot of potential). however, i tend to be at lost for a lot of the i am wondering if there are USER Manual available and can i download it?


PS just saw that there is an "Online Documentation" looks good, kind of what i am looking for...BUT i don't seem to see anywhere to download the whole documentation (rather than going through portions at a time, etc)

over 15 years ago

Where is the script-fu in the new gimp 2.4

over 15 years ago

How do I go about installing the new GIMP Manual 2.4.0 so I can use it within GIMP's Help Browser? I downloaded the file and unzipped it into it's own folder but there is no "install.exe" file. Now What?

over 15 years ago

I have uploaded GIMP Manual 2.4.0 in pdf, djvu, chm, and devhelp format here

over 15 years ago

How do I install these files in Ubuntu 7.10?