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GIMP 2.4 RC1 debs for Ubuntu 7.04

By at 2007-09-01 10:16:05 UTC, last updated about 16 years ago. CC BY-NC License

After playing around with miscellanous package creation tools we can offer you our GIMP 2.4 RC1 debs for Feisty Fawn (Ubuntu 7.04). These packages are for testing purposes and not supported officially.

In case of problems please post here and don’t create a bug in Bugzilla or something like that.

You can find the download links on our download page.


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devvv member for about 17 years devvv 1475 comments
about 16 years ago

thx for telling us, we will look that wacom tablet functionality is working in rc2 but we can't promise.

Antti Immonen
about 16 years ago

Works nicely, except I can't get any pressure sensitivity with my Wacom Intuos 3 tablet. Pressing Preferences/Input devices/Configure Extended Input Devices...-button pops up window telling me there are no extended input devices. Intuos3 works great in Ubuntu 7.04 and GIMP 2.2.