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GIMP 2.4 RC1 is out

By at 2007-08-16 13:13:50 UTC, last updated over 15 years ago. CC BY-NC License

It’s almost done. The first release candidate for GIMP 2.4 is available now and will have all of the features implemented that will be in GIMP 2.4 when it is released in some weeks.

These are the changes from 2.3.19 to 2.4.rc1
- further improvement to the Print plug-in
- completed the color management functionality for 2.4
- store JPEG setting with the image and use them when again as JPEG file
- further improved the rectangle tools, in particular handling of the
fixed aspect ratio
- added color profile selector widget
- further improved the display quality for zoomed-out views

You can also visit out recently published page to see a list of all the cool new features of GIMP 2.4. And of course you can get the sourcecode for rc1 in our downloads section.

Pay attention: GIMP 2.4rc1 uses a very new version of GTK+. Have this in mind when compiling your own version under linux and read the notes!


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henriquemaia member for over 15 years henriquemaia 11 comments
over 15 years ago

Great news. I’m already using it, having installed it through redforce’s instructions on the 2.3.19 article.

devvv member for over 16 years devvv 1475 comments
over 15 years ago

yeah, windows version is also available already -> see the other news item.

Rhoxie member for over 15 years Rhoxie 2 comments
over 15 years ago


xtudiux member for almost 16 years xtudiux 19 comments
over 15 years ago

Heyah, been waiting for this...