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Plugin-Update: GREYCstoration

By at 2007-04-08 08:48:57 UTC, last updated over 12 years ago. CC BY-NC License

The GREYCstoration-plugin for the GIMP has been rewritten and has siginficantly been improved. The plugins target users are photgraphers because it allows to free photos very effectively from dust and scratches.

2.5.2 is much more advanced then previous versions and can be downloaded here:

The archive contains amongst others these files, which are interesting for us:

- GREYCstoration_gimp_pc_linux: the GIMP plug-in for Linux-users
- GREYCstoration_gimp_pc_win32.exe: the GIMP plug-in for Windows-users

Simply copy the file to the plugins-folder in the user-space. The plugin works fine also on 2.3.×. If you’re using a self-compiled GIMP on a 64-bits architecture do the following: change the directory to /src/ and enter “make gimp”. The generated file then copy to the plugins directory.

The plugin for the GIMP can do image restore. However GREYCstoration can do other cool things such as enlarge very small pictures effectively or it can remove i.e. fences from pictures using a mask. Check out the demo-page here:

After installation the plugin is usable via Filter / Enhance / GREYCstoration.


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photocomix member for over 16 years photocomix 25 comments
almost 16 years ago

More examples, often with technical details and link to the original (to confront before\after) in the image comment.

If you are interested to more details leave a comment under the image...i will do my best to reply (be patient could take a few days)

devvv member for over 16 years devvv 1475 comments
almost 16 years ago

wow, that is a very cool effect you created photocomix! Very nice!

photocomix member for over 16 years photocomix 25 comments
almost 16 years ago

I will add that greycstoration could be very useful also for creative or artistic work.

some examples and a very basic how to can be found here