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dds file and exporting is weird

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dds file and exporting is weird Eurazi 24 Nov 05:17
2021-11-24 05:17:32 UTC (over 2 years ago)

dds file and exporting is weird

okay so im new to gimp and saving dds files and image formats and stuff but basically im trying to edit the skins of a game called world of tanks and basically when i look at the dds image file it shows like the dimension and width and height and such of a image, this is how its supposed to be but when i edit it to change how a skin looks on a tank i would try to export it as a dds file (basically the same thing) but when i look at the newly exported file it wouldnt have the width, dimension, and height of a image dds file like it was before, so when i put the newly edited dds file into a res_mod folder for the game nothing would exactly happen so i was wondering what im doing wrong or exactly i can do to fix this so i can edit skins in world of tanks