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How to get GIMP 2.7.1 (Windows 32/64 Bit)

This download is obsolete. You can find a list of current downloads on our download page.
Platform:Windows 32/64 Bit

Please note: This is an unstable development version of GIMP. Report bugs only if you can reproduce them and when you know what you are doing.


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about 11 years ago

to sad, i can't download.
First i can download but about 5 s. i can't work it.....why???

about 11 years ago

i hope it's best.

Okey Moronu
about 11 years ago

calvados - this is still a free app and assisting in testing is optional. It is not helpful making statement like yours. The least we can do, short of contribution code, is to test and report honestly the problems. That is the only way it can get better.

That just my two cents.
Thank the guy who have brought this application to us.

over 11 years ago

well known? so why waste people's time testing this crap

over 11 years ago

Well known problem. Check out gimp 2.7.2

calvados member for over 11 years calvados 2 comments
over 11 years ago

XP SP3 1.66ghz 1gb

calvados member for over 11 years calvados 2 comments
over 11 years ago

open navigation window.

move focus of image around in navigation window.

leaves trailbacks all over the screen, relative to where navigation window was situated onscreen.

over 11 years ago

Texttool doesn't work.
At the moment Gimp 2.7.1 crashes after choosing the

almost 12 years ago