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How to get GIMP 2.10.10 (mac OS)

This download is obsolete. You can find a list of current downloads on our download page.
Platform:mac OS

If possible, use the BitTorrent download to unload the servers: gimp-2.10.10-x86_64.dmg.torrent


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MezzoSilverweb member for 11 months MezzoSilverweb 1 comment
11 months ago

It is a security problem. Go to SYSTEM PREFERENCES/SECURITY & PRIVACY at the bottom of the General tab is ALLOW APPS TO DOWNLOAD FROM: Make sure the dot is in the bottom choice.. Then when you get that message, go back to this page and an extra button should be there that says DOWNLOAD ANYWAY . or something to that effect.

Peter D. Tillman
12 months ago

I'm having trouble installing GIMP 2.10 on my MAC OS 10-13 machine. Install has been blocked on 3 browsers with the comment that is an "unidentified developer". How do I get you guys on the approved security list as an "identified developer"? I'm assuming you guys are legit?

about 1 year ago

ok ok ok

Mark Walter Evans
about 1 year ago

First copy I downloaded quits before it gets going. Trying again...

about 1 year ago

I have tried to download and install GIMP 2.10 numerous times today unsuccessfully. I have a MacBook Air which is running OS system 10.12.6. Even bypassing the apple security setting doesn't seem to help. I get a window that stalls during verification.