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Convert some Photoshop resources (GDR and ) to GIMP's

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Convert some Photoshop resources (GDR and ) to GIMP's celiapgt 07 Jun 23:18
2017-06-07 23:18:26 UTC (over 1 year ago)
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Convert some Photoshop resources (GDR and ) to GIMP's

I usually find tons of resources for Photoshop (PS), like gradients (GDR) and patterns (PAT) on the many sites devoted to graphical illustration. I'm not having fun being unable to use GDR or PAT files into GIMP. So I searched for a way to either convert them automagically online or using a command-line tool on my terminal.

To my surprise, I finally could manage to get the resource to be used in GIMP:

For GDR Photoshop gradients, go to and upload your GDR file, tick the "convert all gradients in input (result is zipped)" box, set the selectors for input and output accordingly, and hit "Convert". Voilá!

For PAT Photoshop patterns, you need a terminal to follow some steps: 1. Make sure that libgimp2.0 and libgimp2.0-dev are installed 2. Download (from the text file ps-pat-load_1.c to /tmp (or somewhere else) 3. Run the command
/tmp$ gimptool-2.0 --install ps-pat-load_1.c 4. Restart GIMP
5. Open the Photoshop .pat file. You will see each pattern contained in the file as a different layer. 6. Select the layer-pattern you are interested in, save it as a new image with .pat extension on your user's directory ~/.gimp-2.8/patterns, and don't forget to include an appropiate description 7. Refresh the Patterns tab. Now you can see it in the Patterns tab.

____________ I'm using Ubuntu 17.04