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bylaws discussion part 1: objectives

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bylaws discussion part 1: objectives Daniel Rogers 30 Apr 05:58
Daniel Rogers
2004-04-30 05:58:31 UTC (about 14 years ago)

bylaws discussion part 1: objectives


So I think the best way to approach this is to break the bylaws in to the relevent bits and encourage discussion on a single small topic at a time.

So, the first part that needs to be discussed are the objectives.

These are, in their way, rather important. The objectives are what define the purpose of TGF as a charitable organization. These is the section that the IRS looks at to determine if we even can be classified as a charitable organization. There are two ways to approach this. One is to determine our objectives and then, when writing to the IRS, explain how the objectives fit into the charitable and educational purposes.

This is pretty easy as long as we declare charitable purposes. Phrases like, "Support the Free Software product, The GIMP and a charitable service available to the public. Educate the public about the existance and usage of The GIMP. Promote and support projects that support The GIMP. "

We should use the words, "public," "charitable," "educate," "support" The IRS likes those words. They should be vague enough to not hinder our ability to do work.

In short, what would people like TGF to do for them or for people in general?

Remember, in order to be a non-profit, we need to do actions that support the public, not just ourselves, which I can't imagine anyone here having a problem with.

-- Dan