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GIMP on a tablet form factor

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GIMP on a tablet form factor sam_dal 01 Mar 06:41
2012-03-01 06:41:48 UTC (about 6 years ago)

GIMP on a tablet form factor

- ! "\nNowadays lots of ARM based embedded boards such as RaspberryPi, CuBox etc\nshowoff their prowess using XBMC where XBMC has been optimized on ARM\narchitecture. I wanted a similar thing for GIMP where instead of a desktop +\ntouch tablet, I would like to use all the features of GIMP but on a tablet\nform factor such as Kindle/iPad etc. Today Adobe came out with PS Touch but\nit has fallen short of my expectations.\nQuestion is: can GIMP fill that vaccum ? Or are their as powerful tools for\nthese touch pads in the market which I have missed ?\n-- \nView this message in context:\nSent from the Gimp Developer mailing list archive at\n\n"