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While there are many different GIMP forums of there, our own forums provide an extended way to communicate because they are connected to the official GIMP mailing lists.

  • Help & support forum
  • Graphics, design, GIMP art
  • Off-topic forum
GIMP Development
Latest threads in GIMP Development
closed Improve "Gimp for mac" page 3 Сергей Краюшкин 18 Aug 16:20
closed moving notes.png? 8 Kolbjørn Stuestøl 15 Aug 16:49
closed MyPaint brushes 3 Julien Hardelin 14 Aug 15:41
closed missing babl fast path and lt-gimp-2.9 segfault 11 richard brown 11 Aug 13:18
closed [FYI] Filter layer implementation in gimp-2.8+ 8 sigetch 08 Aug 14:39