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FOSS Floging Carusoswi 21 Jan 07:08
2020-01-21 07:08:12 UTC (27 days ago)
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FOSS Floging

I am a newly banned member of the "Cambridge in Colors (Colours) forum as a result of my reply #35 in a thread titled GIMP compared to Photoshop. Read the thread and judge for yourself. I grow so weary of the tired reasons trotted out in favor of the Adobe products (Gimp can't handle 16 bit images, no "infrastructure" or tutorial support as compared to the industry leader, etc.). The dictatorial statements that Gimp was never used to produce major cinematic productions (OK, it was Film Gimp, which I mentioned in my reply), and that, for some reason, the myriad tutorials available on Gimp and darktable (or Blender and other FOSS offerings) do not outnumber those available for Adobe CC should discourage a newbie from trying FOSS applications really gets under my skin. It takes exactly one tutorial that meets your needs to get you well on your way to using most FOSS offerings. That the main belligerent in this thread is a moderator is most disturbing to me. I was hit with a lifetime ban from the subject forum for my reply (#35) because "It is clear that you don't agree with the tone used in the forum." If interested, point your browser towards this forum, check out the thread, and judge for yourself. I learned photo editing on Adobe products, and have been a subscriber to their CC subscription plan since its inception. PS is a great product. However, in reaction to this thread (and because of my immersion into darktable and GIMP, I hardly ever use Adobe CC now), I just terminated my subscription. Have a look at the thread and draw your own conclusions. Caruso