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Type the Text Carusoswi 10 May 07:55
2014-05-10 07:55:25 UTC (over 7 years ago)
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Type the Text

I don't know what you call that little box where you have to type in the text before posting a message to prove that you aren't some robot trying to crash the site. I understand, appreciate, and respect its function, but I don't know why the text has to be quite so hard to discern.

I understand that auto-readers, OCR routines, etc need to be frustrated, so you design something that only the human eye can detect, but some of these "puzzles" are too challenging for me. I posted a message here a few moments ago, and I had to make five attempts to type in the box.

Now, to be fair, I just noticed that there are options to receive an audio challenge instead of a visual one (buttons to the right of the "type the text" box). I will probably try that next time (like right now)

Thanks for letting me "rant".


Ha, tried the audio challenge. I am a musician, decent at picking out detail in a thick symphonic texture, but heck if I can hear all the numbers correctly in your audio challenge. I'll go back to the visual.