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Insane Bump Plugin for GIMP 2.10.32?

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Insane Bump Plugin for GIMP 2.10.32? Falcon459 08 Sep 17:05
2022-09-08 17:05:45 UTC (24 days ago)
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Insane Bump Plugin for GIMP 2.10.32?

Hi everyone,
I am running GIMP 2.10.32 on Windows 11 and want to install the Insane Bump version 1.0.6 Plugin written in C language which is supposed to be compatible with GIMP 2.10. This version of the plugin was once available from but it appears that the Gimper website no longer exists. I have searched for this plugin, but all attempts lead me to the old Python version of the plugin for GIMP 2.8. I have read that the GIMP 2.8 Insane Bump Plugin is not compatible with GIMP 2.10 versions. So, can anyone point me to where I can download the Insane Bump Plugin that is compatible with GIMP 2.10.32? I also require a User Guide or some sort of user instructions for this plugin.

Or, if this version of the plugin is no longer available, is there an alternative? Anyone have any other suggestions or advice? Thanks to anyone that can help!