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Third Party GEGL Filters and optimizing GEGL

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Third Party GEGL Filters and optimizing GEGL Beaver 17 Sep 03:31
2022-09-17 03:31:27 UTC (8 days ago)
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Third Party GEGL Filters and optimizing GEGL

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Hello, I make third party GEGL filters for Gimp by chaining together basic GEGL operations. Like script fu stuff I use existing Gimp filters. In example manually applying filters like blur, emboss, multiply, opacity, and dropshadows can make text styles. But I do this inside GEGL's graph to chain all those filters instantly and have it as a GUI. Doing this I created a layer effects system and many more text styling filters for Gimp. This makes advance text styling far easier then doing it manual.

Two; (technically four) plugin GEGL FIlters I would recommend to everyone would be GEGL Effects (gegl:effects) and Custom Bevel (gegl:custom-bevel). They are generic text styling filters that can do a ton of different text styling options and take Gimp's meta to the next level. As you will never again worry about making complicated text styles. GEGL Effects comes with two filters of its own (gegl:bevel) and (gegl:innerglow) which are meant to be fused with blend modes that all GEGL filters have.

I have many more filters; around 30 something you guys can check out. But these two are the premiums. The binaries go in /gegl-0.4/plug-ins NOT Gimp's plugin folder. Everyone is making that mistake. GimpChat may have precompiled binaries for Windows but I only make official binaries for Linux.

Take care everyone.